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Billy Hood - Detained in Dubai over CBD oil

A 24 year old semi-pro footballer and coach from Kensington, has been sentenced to a whopping 25 years after Dubai police discovered 4 small bottles of CBD oil left in his car by a friend he’d driven to the airport two weeks earlier. Billy Hood was forced to confess in Arabic after being pressured by CID officers. He’s been sentenced for trafficking, selling and possessing a few grams of CBD in the medieval justice system.

Press Releases:


Feb 10th 2022     Billy Hood BEATEN by UAE prison guards during Prince William “official” visit

Jan 26th 2022     Stirling calls for evacuation of British prisoners in UAE

Jan 25th 2022     Today: Abu Dhabi prison shakes as prisoners on frontline of drone strikes

Jan 23rd 2022     New Dubai Drug Laws for Billy Hood

Nov 30th 2021     Press Release: Billy Hood Appeal 

Nov 22nd 2021    Billy Hood in cockroach infested “solitary confinement” in Abu Dhabi

Oct 25th 2021      Clemency request for Billy Hood

Oct 20th 2021      Dubai Expo, UAE influence puts Britons like Billy Hood at risk

Oct 26th 2021      Billy Hood Petition set to become largest in Change

Oct 19th 2021      Billy Hood to remain in prison for further six weeks says Abu Dhabi court

Oct 18th 2021      Lawyers mount vigorous defence in Billy Hood appeal

Oct 17th 2021      Billy Hood’s uncle angered by Dubai propaganda

Oct 16th 2021      Protestors head to Parliament Square for Billy Hood

Oct 15th 2021      5 News TV report on Billy Hood cast with family & Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai

Oct 15th 2021      GB News: Colin Brazier interviews Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai on CBD oil in Dubai

Oct 14th 2021      Billy Hood - what will the British FCDO do to help the footballer sentenced to 25 years for CBD oil?

Oct 13th 2021      Prisoner warns Billy Hood's family “Britain won’t help you”

Oct 8th 2021        24 year old pro footballer sentenced to 25 years over CBD in Dubai


Free Billy Hood Petition

The #FreeBillyHood movement has been fast moving, with more than 100,000 signatures on the Petition - We hope to gain 150,000 signatures to become one of the most popular petitions in the history of Change - Please sign and share and join the movement #Justice4Billy.

UAE Travel Warnings Petition

#UAETravelWarnings must be increased for British nationals..  The UAE is the most likely country for Brits to be arrested abroad.  Baroness Whitaker and Andy Slaughter, MP have called on the FCDO to increase warnings.  This movement will have a profound impact on UAE-UK relations & lead to the improvement of conditions in the UAE.  Please sign and help us get this issue debated in Parliament.

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Image by Ye Jinghan


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