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Our mission is to ensure the security of foreign nationals in the Gulf from unjust detention, wrongful prosecution, and all other violations of their human rights; and to promote reforms in the region that will contribute to the stability of the lives and interests of the expats who reside there.


Detained in Dubai has been assisting foreign victims of injustice in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Gulf States for fifteen years.  Employing a formidable combination of specialised legal knowledge, media savvy, and an in-depth understanding of the region; Detained in Dubai has become the go-to organisation for expats in the Gulf who have become entangled in the legal system.


Equal parts legal advisory, communications agency, think tank, and human rights organisation; Detained in Dubai has positioned itself as a uniquely effective advocacy group for clients in need, as strategic advisers for investors and policy makers, and as a valuable resource for international journalists covering the Gulf.


Detained in Dubai was founded in 2008 by Radha Stirling, and under her leadership as CEO, the organisation has helped thousands of victims of injustice, and the breadth of our work and expertise continues to grow; utilising a network of lawyers around the world for multi jurisdictional conflicts as well as with reliable law firms in the Gulf to resolve local disputes. Detained in Dubai frequently coordinates with global human rights groups, business leaders, and politicians to achieve positive outcomes in what can often appear to be impossible situations.

Radha Stirling is regularly called upon to testify as an expert witness for the defence in extradition proceedings to detail both the systemic failures of the legal process in the UAE and endemic human rights violations.  She has become a leading international authority on Interpol abuse and a powerful voice for reforms in Interpol and extradition law; having saved innumerable clients from wrongful listings on the Interpol database.

We are convinced that more international visibility and pressure will lead to faster reform and the UAE can become a mutually and culturally respectful, international meeting point for us all.

We assist with the entire legal process, including negotiations, representation in Court in the UAE and abroad where required (eg. Interpol, Extradition).  Further, we:


  • Provide advice & guidance to Prisoners & their families

  • Assist with press and legal campaigns for prisoners

  • Inspire intervention from consulates & embassies

  • Raise awareness to travellers, visitors & labourers

  • Recommend changes in judicial procedures



International Press Profile


Detained in Dubai has made a commitment to raise awareness of judicial failings in the

UAE, in hope that the exposure will influence positive change and prevent wrongful

imprisonments. Please contact our media department with press queries:

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