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Jamie Harron - Arrested for brushing past man in Dubai bar

Scottish man Jamie Harron was detained in Dubai for brushing past a man in a busy bar.  He was accused of insulting behaviour and taken into custody.  Jamie reached out to Detained in Dubai for help and he was home just a few days later.  Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum intervened and ordered his release.

Jamie Harron thanks Radha Stirling & Detained in Dubai

"I'm Jamie. A few year's back, I fell foul to the laws of Dubai. I was facing some serious charges there that don't make any sense to westerner's at all. I would just really like to thank Radha Stirling and Detained in Dubai for taking my story to the media after spending four months stuck there on bail, nearly losing my house and everything, for taking it to the media and exposing the story for how silly it was. I just can't thank them enough. Thank you very much, most appreciated.

News and Media Coverage:  Jamie Harron Case

This is a compilation of all official Press Releases made by Detained in Dubai since October 8th 2017, concerning the Jamie Harron case. Below those are press articles and other media featuring Jamie Harron.


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Jamie Harron Arrives Home

Detained in Dubai were delighted to receive the call from Jamie that he was safely onboard the flight home.  Glasgow Airport telephoned Radha Stirling several times to complain about the press presence.  
Jamie Harron talks to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on ITV's This Morning on his horrendous Dubai ordeal and to clarify what actually happened to a nation awaiting his return. 
Jamie Harron was initially arrested for public indecency for touching a man’s hip as he carried a drink through a crowded bar in Dubai on 15 July. The electrician, from Stirling, claimed he was simply trying to avoid spilling his drink when he brushed past the man at the Rock Bottom bar.
"THEY HAVE RUINED OUR SON'S LIFE" - Parents of Jamie Harron angry over German company's stance as Scotsman faces prison over public indecency charges in Dubai - Jamie talks of his fears.
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