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Campaign Management

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Emma Lewell-Buck, MP raises a question about client, Robert Urwin in Parliament. Urwin was arrested over a UAE Interpol Red Notice in Ukraine and soon after released.

From courts of law to the United Nations, Stirling tirelessly protects client interests and reputations, holding other parties, governments and law enforcers to account.
“We work with foreign governments, security agencies, authorities like the United Nations, law enforcement, legal teams and intelligence agencies to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients”

Radha Stirling, Expert Witness, CEO of Detained in Dubai, Due Process International & Host of the Gulf in Justice Podcast

Radha Stirling's background in law and media has placed her as a true leader and veteran of campaign management and litigation PR.  Stirling has represented clients filing billion dollar lawsuits, torture claims, United Nations applications, extradition proceedings and imprisonment in foreign countries.

Stirling advises foreign governments and law enforcement agencies and has worked with political figures at the highest levels in the UK, Canada, the US, Australia and more.  Her lobbying efforts have seen major changes to international treaties and policy shift.  Stirling has had her clients and issues raised numerous times in Parliament in the UK and Canada with several questions escalating to the US White House spokesperson and to the British and Canadian Prime Ministers.  Stirling works with Senators and Washington DC based think tanks and organisations to achieve thir aims.

Stirling has a proven track record of ensuring her clients achieve their goals with many of her cases covered by the world's biggest media and television.

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