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Testimonials from our wonderful clients

Perry Coppins

United Kingdom

I am forever grateful for Detained in Dubai.  I would not be here today if it weren't for their swift intervention. I have no doubt that you saved my life! I can not thank you enough.

Billy Barclay


After been released from custody in Dubai I had no hope of getting home at all after speaking with Radha she agreed to take on my case. She and her team didn’t give up till I was free to return home. I would advise anyone who is in need of help in the UAE speak with Radha. Thanks detained in Dubai. 

Yvonne Lewis & Robin Berlyn

United Kingdom

I would like to leave a testimony-


If it wasn't for Radha "Detained in Dubai" to pick up my fiance's story being detained in Dubai and write about it - I wouldn't have had the hope and courage today to keep continually fighting for his safe return home to England from the UEA.


Thank you "Detained in Dubai" for your consistent nonjudgmental strength and support, in seeing things through until freedom for the vulnerable and mistreated is accomplished - with you Radha being a great role model for inspiration to others "in never giving up until justice is done"


Thank you and forever grateful


Robert Urwin


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all at Detained in Dubai for their invaluable assistance during the time I was arrested in Ukraine, imprisoned for 43 days in  deplorable conditions and not allowed to leave Ukraine for over 14 months. Detained in Dubai worked relentlessly to get the illegal Interpol Red notice removed. This eventually resulted in me being able to travel and return to the UK. I am greatly indebted to them.



"Thank you for your additional help it affected, so strong. After your action everything including a phone call, email and text were gone. Nothing happened afterwards.


By searching words like "Dubai, detained, lawyer," consequently I found your site. I felt I was saved by someone or god when I found it then I wrote immediately to you. Also your prompt reply helped me and saved my money and life I appreciate it. I appreciate that your job really saves people who are suffered" - 


London, UK

I appreciate you and your team’s efforts for your efficiency and professionalism in resolving my civil dispute in the UK, thus preventing it from escalating to court. You were prompt and have managed to negotiate with a major US corporation through their lawyers in my favour. This was after dealing with several big law firms who were not willing to take on the case or demanded outlandish fees.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to others and wish you all the best for the future.


London, UK

I would also like to thank Miss Stirling for all her efforts, and again would encourage everyone to seek professional advice in these situations”.

Michael Gordon


Radha is a very compassionate person who offers a very important service to all those in trouble in the UAE.  The service she offers is often life changing for those in need and I am happy to endorse her service.


Dubai, UAE

Thank you for your professionalism and swift action to help me resolve my problems

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