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Police Checks
If you believe that you may have had an issue in the past in the UAE, whether it be related to debt, mortgages, civil disputes, immigration, visas or criminal accusations, it is important to conduct a thorough police check on occasion.
If you plan to travel again to the GCC region, it is wise to check on your position in advance.  Awareness of any police reports early can prevent future issues including Interpol reports and extradition proceedings in your own country.
If you need a Police Check, Immigration check or assistance with your Interpol or extradition matter, please contact us for confidential advice.

Frequently Asked Qustions FAQ

Is this information available online?

No, there is only a limited amount of information available online that can be accessed by individuals.

Will the check tell us if there are civil cases outstanding?

We can check for civil cases but we will need a limited Power of Attorney to obtain the full information.  It is important to check for civil cases if you think there may be one against you.  Civil cases can result in imprisonment or detainment within the UAE if they are not settled.


Radha Stirling discusses the importance of police status checks, social media laws and more.

Anyone can be charged with a crime in the UAE without their knowledge. We have had numerous cases of travelers detained upon entry to the Emirates because they didn't know a police complaint had been lodged against them. People can even be arrested when in transit for matters as trivial as a social media post or an unpaid utility bill. Running a police database check should be part of everyone's standard practice before traveling to or through the UAE

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