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Case Studies

General Criminal Offences

Sheikha Latifa & Herve Jaubert disappearance [press]

Mohamed Haddad - Business theft & Corruption

Priyesh Patel

Lee Brown, Death in Custody

Sun Mckay, Swearing

Herve Jaubert, Escape from Dubai

Cat Le-Huy, Drug Accusations - Acquitted

Roxanne Hillier, Sex outside Marriage

Charity T-Shirt, Causing Offence

Death Sentence for drugs worth £260

Jamie Harron

Perry Coppins arrested for travelling with prescription medicines 

Connor Clements arrested for traces of Sativex, Medical Marijuana

Dieter Kellouche: Freed after being accused of causing offence to a Sheikh

Steve Long: UK Veteran freed from Abu Dhabi Prison

Albert Douglas: Failed by the FCDO


Financial Crimes

Matt Joyce & Marcus Lee v. Sunland (updated)

Peter Margetts, Bounced Cheques

Christopher Renehan, Bounced Cheques 

Hunger Strike Over Bounced Cheques

Corrupt customs officials. RAK

Homeless in Dubai due to bank debt

Jonathan Nash Jailed in Qatar for bounced cheques

Richard Lau jailed without charge, for earning his wages

Christopher Emms: Cryptocurrency expert at the UN

#Qatar National Bank extradition request denied



Woman detained in #Greece over #Qatar issued #InterpolRedNotice

Australian detained in Czech re Qatar issued QNB Cheque, fighting extradition and Interpol

Christopher Emms: FBI 'Most Wanted' discussion with Radha Stirling

UAE Interpol Red Notice against Danish citizen is deleted

Medical Negligence Law

Mohammad Imran Hussain


In Depth:  Cryptic Cybercrime Laws of the Emirates

Jordan Branford. USA Fitness Instructor

Visitors to the UAE risk jail for WhatsApp 

The case of Christopher Emms

Italian pilot detained in Dubai over WhatsApp text to ex

Gary Beamish: Charged with violating cybercrime laws


Ras Al Khaimah

Richard Lau imprisoned without charge in RAK

A call for support for Richard Lau, imprisoned in RAK for receiving his wages

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