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UAE Interpol Red Notice against Danish citizen is deleted

The UAE managed to have a Danish man arrested on several occasions. His name has finally been cleared and he is free to travel.

Danish citizen successfully removed from Interpol.

A Danish citizen who was scammed out of $30,000 in the UAE and subjected to an abusive Red Notice as part of an extortion scheme, has had his name successfully removed from the Interpol database by Radha Stirling and Detained in Dubai.

This was a particularly outrageous case,” Stirling said, “Our client hired an attorney in the UAE to help collect debts he was owed; but instead of carrying out the work for which he had been paid $30,000, the attorney forged a document claiming my client owed him AED 13 million. He filed a police case, and proceeded to use the Power of Attorney granted to him by my client to have an associate plead guilty to fraud on my client’s behalf – all after he had already left the UAE.”

Stirling, who has long been the leading critic of Interpol abuse, and is the founder of Interpol & Extradition Reform (IPEX), explained that the Danish national found himself subjected to a Red Notice by the international policing organisation at the behest of the UAE, “With the fraudulent confession made by this serial scamster in my client’s name, the court convicted him, and requested an Interpol Red Notice against him to seek his extradition. In Summer of last year, he was pulled over in a routine traffic stop by police in Denmark, only to discover that he was listed as an international fugitive by the UAE. He was forced to undergo extradition proceedings, which finally ended with Danish authorities dismissing the Red Notice; yet his Interpol listing remained, making international travel impossible.”