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Detained in Dubai is considered the international authority on UAE law. We provide confidential legal help in civil and criminal cases.  Most of our clients are not publicised in the media.  We consult to governments internationally on UAE legal issues and assist media outlets in the provision of information from our central repository of statistics and data.
We have a team and network of highly experienced advocates, consultants, and negotiators to assist you or your company with legal matters, whether you are in the UAE or abroad.
Our top priority is helping clients secure the best possible outcome to complex UAE legal issues, regardless of how the odds are stacked against them.

Interpol & Extradition
The UAE has issued the most Interpol red notices per head of population than any other member country.  Learn more about Interpol abuse.

Financial Crimes
Bounced cheques, fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust, mortgage defaults and general debt.  The most common crime in the UAE.

Business Disputes


Property Developer Matt Joyce was found innocent by Courts in Australia and yet is still detained in the UAE, awaiting justice.



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When living, working or investing in Dubai, you will inevitably need legal guidance and assistance but many have found it’s not quite that simple. The quality of legal advice in the UAE varies greatly and in civil litigation or criminal proceedings, the lawyer you choose can make or break your chances of winning.

Expats have been bewildered by the difference in service standards and methods of practice, leaving them feeling like they haven’t been taken care of, or prioritised.


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Veteran Middle East justice expert Radha Stirling launched her podcast Gulf in Justice in August 2020.  Gulf in Justice discusses up to date topical issues, interviewing a variety of guests and promotes change in the region.

The Podcast has been widely featured in international media, having hosted Kenny McAskill, MP, Dr Khater Massaad and most recently, Peter Clark.

Visit the Gulf in Justice Website or Detained in Dubai's YouTube channel to see our episodes.

Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and most major platforms. 


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Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling named "Inspiring Business Leader 2021" by Outlook Magazine.

So begins a typical morning for the founder and CEO of Detained in Dubai, Radha Stirling.  For over a dozen years, foreign nationals embroiled in legal dramas with the United Arab Emirates have found comfort in her calming, authoritative voice.  She promises them solutions, and delivers.

Click here to read the full article

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Due Process International is about lawful due process and fair trials, human rights and the accountability of criminals, corporations, law enforcement agencies and governments.  

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IPEX Reform, an international organisation formed by Interpol and Extradition Expert ​Radha Stirling to lobby for urgent reform to the enforcement agency.



Since 2008

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Perry Coppins

​I am forever grateful for Detained in Dubai.  I would not be here today if it weren't for their swift intervention. I have no doubt that you saved my life! I can not thank you enough.


Billy Barclay

​After been released from custody in Dubai I had no hope of getting home at all after speaking with Radha she agreed to take on my case. She and her team didn’t give up till I was free to return home. I would advise anyone who is in need of help in the UAE speak with Radha. Thanks detained in Dubai. 


Robert Urwin

​I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all at Detained in Dubai for their invaluable assistance during the time I was arrested in Ukraine, imprisoned for 43 days in  deplorable conditions and not allowed to leave Ukraine for over 14 months. Detained in Dubai worked relentlessly to get the illegal Interpol Red notice removed. This eventually resulted in me being able to travel and return to the UK. I am greatly indebted to them.

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Robin Berlyn & Yvonne Lewis

If it wasn't for Radha "Detained in Dubai" to pick up my fiance's story being detained in Dubai and write about it - I wouldn't have had the hope and courage today to keep continually fighting for his safe return home to England from the UAE.


Thank you "Detained in Dubai" for your consistent nonjudgmental strength and support, in seeing things through until freedom for the vulnerable and mistreated is accomplished - with you Radha being a great role model for inspiration to others "in never giving up until justice is done"


Thank you and forever grateful

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