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Debt Negotiation & Interpol Prevention

Radha Stirling and Detained in Dubai have successfully closed hundreds of settlements with banks and business partners in the Middle East.  Banks in Dubai and Qatar are notoriously aggressive when a customer hits repayment issues, regardless of the circumstances.

Banks frequently open criminal cases against customers at the first sign of trouble then run civil cases in parallel to ensure the debtor can never leave the country, often forcing them into homelessness as they are unable to obtain a working visa while there are cases against them.

For those who have left the country, banks hound them using INTERPOL's database to harass them, extort them and to get them arrested abroad.  If that wasn't bad enough, they have threatened family members with violence or hounded debtors at their new place of work, causing them to be fired.

Debtors have been bankrupted in absentia or chased by local debt collectors in their home country, making life a living hell for debtors and their families.

While this behaviour would never be tolerated in Western nations, Middle Eastern banks do not have to follow local laws.  Banks like HSBC, QNB, ADCB, DIB and Emirates NBD have teamed up with aggressive collection agencies like Bilkish, Tahseel and Coyle White Devine to chase debtors abroad.

We have more than a decade's experience dealing with banks, their debt collection agencies, resolving personal and business loans, mortgages and credit card debts for customers.  We prevent Interpol Red Notices and harassment while resolving an agreement with these institutions that are otherwise intimidating, aggressive and frankly, criminal in their harassment and unfair escalation of fees.

When you need an expert, nobody is more experienced.


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