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  • Detained in Dubai

American woman traumatised after Qatar Interpol warrant

Woman torn apart by Qatar's abuse of the Interpol Red Notice system

American woman's life has been torn apart by Qatar's abuse of the Interpol Red Notice system, raising serious human rights concerns.

New Jersey international relations professional Nancy Samir never imagined that accepting an incredible offer to work for the Qatar Foundation would have ended as it did. 50 year old Nancy wound up hopeless, broke, stranded and separated from her children and parents and with the trauma ultimately resulting in her father’s death. Nancy was on her way to attend a job interview in the UAE that she thought would help her get her life back on track and even allow her to pay off her loan. Little did she know that it would be the start of one of the most traumatic experiences of her life.

The mother of two grew up in New Jersey and pursued a graduate degree at a prestigious private university. She held many impressive positions in New York & Washington DC with a number of different international foundations & diplomatic missions. From a young age, Nancy travelled often around the world visiting different orphanages and refugee camps and was an active humanitarian and published many articles about the empowerment of women and youth.