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Stirling: ‘Unprecedented aggression by Qatar banks against debtors, Interpol abuse is alarming

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Qatar National Bank responsible for multiple arrests abroad

“We have never seen gulf banks pursue customers as relentlessly and aggressively as the banks of Qatar. Over the past two years, banks such as Qatar National Bank (QNB) have fought to not only list debtors on Interpol’s databases as criminal fugitives, but have vigorously sought their arrest and extradition from Western countries.

“We have received calls from customers relaying their horrific experiences and seeking emergency assistance. One was pulled over by British police on the side of the road in England, one arrested on arrival in Mallorca, and another in Spain. Another British man has been detained in Prague for months in deplorable conditions, fighting against an extradition request, and several more were released from European prisons after local courts ruled the requests were frivolous.

“It is almost as though law enforcers in Qatar have given carte blanche to their national crime bureau, allowing them to list anyone they like on Interpol’s database. Interpol claims that they filter requests before they are made active but in reality, this is not the case. Interpol is completely reliant on member countries to use their access with integrity, and while they may have rejected some politically motivated notices from Turkey, they have yet to address the drastic number of financially motivated notices from the gulf region. Is it that Interpol does not care for the integrity of their organisation, is it that they do not want to “rock the boat” with gulf nations who they feel are cooperating on other levels? Or is it that they themselves are financially motivated and reliant on contributions received from gulf nations? Whatever the case may be, member countries go unpunished for abusing the Interpol database. They are not penalised or fined and are free to enter as many Red Notices as they please.