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Don’t ignore Dubai’s UK debt collectors

Ignoring UK based debt collectors gives Dubai banks power to act against you

It may be tempting to ignore UK based debt collection firms acting on behalf of UAE banks. This is why you should never do so:

UAE banks are known worldwide for irresponsible lending, backed up by ruthless debt collection.

In the UAE, unlike the Western world, debt is a criminal matter rather than a civil one. They have no need to lend responsibly because if debt victims miss payments, the banks can throw them in jail. They can literally lock somebody up for being unable to make their payments. Even those who are released from jail will have a travel ban, which means they can never leave the UAE until the debt is paid in full; with the added factor of being unable to legally work because the debt cases mean that they can not obtain a work permit.

Unsurprisingly then, expats who have a drastic change in circumstances (like illness, redundancy etc) often escape the country secretly so they can attempt to restructure and negotiate from safety. Their trouble is not over at this point as the UAE banks usually bombard them with unbearable (often illegal) pressure, including everything from