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American stroke victim held hostage in UAE over debts

David, who has suffered a stroke since his detention started and also suffered a series of traumas in the Dubai jail system (including having his front teeth implants stolen by another prisoner).

Dubai’s harsh debt laws meant that David was banned from working because of the police case against him for the missed payments, leaving him without any way to pay those debts, or even feed himself and pay rent. The law also meant he was banned from leaving the UAE to work somewhere else that might allow him the means to earn income to repay the obligation.

David’s sister Beverly has used up her life savings keeping David fed and housed in a low price hostel. When her money ran out, David was facing the rest of his life on the streets, like the thousands of other debt victims in limbo in the UAE. Unable to work, unable to pay and facing homelessness in Dubai.

Detained in Dubai's CEO, Radha Stirling said "we appeal to Sharjah Islamic Bank to show compassion to David, withdraw the criminal complaint and allow him to return to his family. Since the case has received media attention, the US embassy has increased its involvement in David's case and is supporting the appeal top Sharjah Islamic Bank. David's sister Beverly is desperate for any positive developments in the case, praying that the nightmare will finally end".

Beverly said "David is very grateful for the support and just wants to be home with people who love him."

“David is even hoping to bring,Tuxedo, a stray cat who has kept him company during his Dubai misery, home with him to America.”

Feast. The highly educated university professor has his first decent meal in months, thanks to supporter Helen Newton

Radha Stirling commented “With the UAE wanting to establish themselves as a major hub for both business and tourism, it is time to change the unworkable debt laws. Either they need to allow a debtor to work, or they need to allow them to travel to somewhere else where they can work.”

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