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  • Detained in Dubai

Shock at eight month “spite jailing” of Malaysian national Richard Lau. Imprisoned in Dubai for rece

Birthday. Richard with his parents and adoring nephew Seth and niece Summer in Kuala Lumpur before his UAE jail hell began.

41 year old Richard Lau, from Kuching, Sarawak State in Malaysia has been in jail for eight months in Dubai for being paid his wages. Richard who worked as a project coordinator for the Shin Yang shipping company at its UAE subsidiary in Ras Al Khaimah, was caught in the crossfire of an argument between the Emirati owner of the subsidiary and the parent company. Eight people were accused of stealing funds by the UAE businessman.

These “stolen funds” were in fact the wages that Richard Lau and his coworkers were due, and paid to them by their company exactly as they had been promised.

Walid Jumaa Abu Shabas, the Emirati businessman who owned the subsidiary argued that he had not approved the work Richard and the other accused were doing, therefore the wages were “stolen.”

This meant, according to Mr Abu Shabas, that Richard and the others, who had no idea about this argument between the partners, and were going about their work as instructed had technically stolen the money. Money which was paid to them as earned wages, in the usual fashion, by the usual source.

Richard was completely shocked to be among eight workers arrested and accused of embezzlement.