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Brit Charged under UAE Cybercrime Laws for Publishing a Court Order on LinkedIn

Gary Beamish is "fed up" as he faces homelessness due to companies failure to pay.

Expat Entrepreneurs left in ruin by Dubai companies who never pay are then charged under Cybercrime laws for publishing court orders.

A British family man faces Dubai court next week because his brother published an official and publicly available court order on LinkedIn. His brother had shared the document to “prove the theft of funds”. Under the UAE’s strict cybercrime laws, social media posts have put Brits at risk of prison or substantial fines and almost every visitor to the country will be in violation of these vast and vague rules. The details of this case serve as a warning to investors and entrepreneurs considering a place in the sun for their next venture.

British expat entrepreneurs attracted to Dubai are often seen as free labour by local companies who employ them to provide services that they never intend to pay for.

With attractive business conditions and a low tax lifestyle in a billionaire’s dream destination in the sun, British entrepreneurs and professionals have made the move to Dubai, in hope of gaining lucrative business opportunities in the ever developing city. What happens when they find out that Dubai is not just a billionaire’s paradise, but a scammer's paradise too? Dorset resident and chartered engineer, Gary Beamish, knows only too well. He now faces homelessness.

Gary was hired to do a job by two different local companies. He consulted with them, worked hard and expected to be remunerated as per their contract, but when it came to payment, he never received it. Both companies were lucrative and well funded but just “didn’t want to pay”, says Gary. “They seemed to hope I would find the complexities and costs of legal action prohibitive and that I would jus