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BBC’s ‘Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich’ will lead to human rights violations

'Inside Dubai' slap in the face of victims of injustice, torture and even murder

The BBC Programme has gone out of its way to promote Dubai to tourists and investors in spite of serious human rights violations and torture against British citizens and while MP’s call on increased travel warnings to nationals after declaring the UAE “unsafe”.

Radha Stirling, founder of 14 year old human rights organisation Detained in Dubai sheds light on the issue, “Inside Dubai is a representation of every marketing endeavour made by the UAE to lure investment and tourism dollars from the UK over recent decades, and while the programme portrays Dubai as a playground for the rich, it fails to balance that against the very real risks posed to investors and visitors. In fact, the super wealthy have been targeted by experienced locals and even royals over the years with many of them jailed so that their bank accounts and holdings can be looted by Sheikhs and Emiratis who have seen them as fair game.