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#Qatar National Bank extradition request denied

Qatar National Bank (QNB) issued an #Interpol Red Notice against an #Australian citizen over “forged bounced cheque” he could not have authored.

The bank never communicated there were any issues with his account and the first he heard of it, was when he was arrested in Prague and jailed on the basis of the Interpol Red Notice.

This is not the first time Prague has detained a foreign national on behalf of Qatar.

He was denied bail and forced to hire a lawyer to defend the extradition request. The last time #Czech detained a foreigner on the basis of a Qatar notice, the courts ruled it was a violation of his human rights but it seems they have not learned their lesson.

After months in prison, a judge finally denied the extradition request. It was not possible that he had written the cheque in question and was not even in the country at the time.

“QNB is one of the most aggressive banks with their use of Interpol’s database, frequently using the crime reporting system to extort, harass and punish customers”, said Radha Stirling, Interpol expert and founder of IPEX. “We will be removing the Interpol Red Notice but urge anyone who could be at risk of red notice to check with us before travel. The notices are not published on Interpol’s website and numerous people have been apprehended in Europe and abroad”.


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