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Jamie Harron has no court date for rude gesture charge. Parents risk to visit Jamie in Dubai.

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Jamie Harron has been stuck in Dubai for over 5 months, following allegations of brushing past a German man in a crowded bar. Neuman & Esser’s Managing Director Mr Emad Tabaza accused Jamie of “indecent behaviour” and a “rude gesture”. On someone’s word in the UAE, police will arrest and prosecute. Harron has been waiting for almost half a year for a court hearing and faces years in prison if found guilty.

The case has caused international outrage, directed at the German company who have received death threats, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the United Arab Emirates. Social media trending hashtags have included #BoycottDubai #JamieHarron and #FireEmadTabaza. Some twitter users have shared the contact details of the German corporation and asked people to contact them. This case, along with Billy Barclay’s have resulted in a public relations nightmare for the UAE.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International said “we have received at least 50 or 60 telephone calls from members of the public in the past week, telling us that they have cancelled their holiday to Dubai”.

The UK’s FCO has come under fire for failing to warn British nationals of the dangers of visiting Dubai and for providing “no support whatsoever’. Scotsman David Ballantine was appalled that he was forced to stay in Dubai without his passport for 2 years over a false allegation of not paying a £2.00 cab fare. He was legally not allowed to work and faced homelessness. “The government didn’t help me. They just gave me a list of lawyers and were on their way.” Ballantine, like most citizens who run into legal problems in Dubai, feel that the FCO has let them down. A class action is being formed to ensure that the UK puts in place adequate changes in their policies. The UAE has breached their treaty with the UK in relation to co