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Dubai "public indecency" detention updates. German company missteps in defence of complain

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The German company of which the Managing Director is Emad Tabaza, the accuser in the “public indecency” case against Jamie Harron has issued its first statement on the controversy. It includes a number of erroneous claims which contradict the established facts.

Neuman & Esser. Giant German gas company whose MD Emad Tabaza has become involved in public indecency case.

Neuman & Esser’s statement alleges that Jamie was drunk and belligerent, whereas it is known that he had consumed only 3 beers, and his blood alcohol level was well below what would normally be regarded as intoxicated. Furthermore, witnesses including security staff from the bar, confirm that Jamie was not confrontational at all, and that it was the Jordanian NEA Group boss Emad Tabaza who in fact raised his voice repeatedly towards Jamie.

The incident occurred at a bar called the Rock Bottom, which does not even open for business before 19:30; the time which Neuman & Esser claims the altercation took place. Jamie told Radha “At 19:30, I was still enjoying dinner at my friend’s house, miles away. The claims are ridiculous”.

The Neuman & Esser statement, which some observers believe to have been written by Mr Tabaza himself, states that the bouncer and manager were not concerned about the incident. Sceptical comments have been made on Western media articles suggesting that if the bouncer thought it was a non-event, and the manager also thought it unimportant, then perhaps Emad Tabaza was in fact just throwing his weight around.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, commented on the company’s statement, “It is surprising that they would take such a position, considering the fact that their employee himself has already sought to drop the charges in this case. It is clear to all parties that this has been blown out of proportion, and it is only the Dubai Public Prosecutor’s office that is insisting on pursuing it as a criminal matter. Neuman & Esser would be better advised to support a de-escalation of this dispute rather than dig their heels in on a matter which both sides appear to want dismissed.”

Stirling added, "regarding the alcohol charges, “of course he was drinking, everyone was. The entire enforcement system in the UAE needs an overhaul.”

"The case has prompted 80 messages an hour of support," continues Stirling, "and has even prompted calls for a boycott of the UAE over its treatment of expats and tourists."

The story is currently has been published in print worldwide as well as TV and radio and online media. The public comments sections of these media outlets are overwhelmingly supportive of Jamie, outraged with Mr Tabaza and Neuman & Esser, and horrified at the dangers of visiting Dubai. The hashtags #boycottdubai and #JamieHarron have been adopted by twitter users

[Recent Press Releases on the Jamie Harron case are available HERE]

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