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German company Neuman & Esser suffering international backlash over Managing Director Emad Tabaz

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Neuman & Esser, the giant international mechanical engineering group is facing massive public backlash over its support for its Managing Director, Emad Tabaza, who levelled allegations against young Scotsman Jamie Harron.

Neuman & Esser issued a statement last week reiterating the accusations of Emad Tabaza against Jamie, even embellishing them and adding verifiably inaccurate information. Now the company is suffering the wrath of social media.

According to NEA Group,Tabaza has even received death threats from anonymous members of the public over what are almost unanimously regarded as false or highly exaggerated allegations which have cost Jamie his freedom, his job and significant financial loss. the allegations could potentially see Jamie jailed for up to three years in the UAE where human rights