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Billy Hood in cockroach infested “solitary confinement” in Abu Dhabi

Billy Hood faces an effective life sentence after forced to confess to drugs crime.

The 24 year old footballer was sentenced to 25 years in Dubai prison over CBD vape oil left in his car by a visiting friend, is suffering rough conditions in Abu Dhabi as he awaits the verdict of his appeal.

After Billy’s lawyers lodged an appeal against his life sentence, he was transferred from Dubai to Abu Dhabi’s prison as the charges of trafficking and selling drugs turned the alleged offence federal. His family have been “worried sick” after his contact with the outside world was brutally cut off.

“I spoke to him but he was very limited in what he could say”, says Billy’s uncle David. “He was put into solitary confinement on arrival and the limit is supposed to be five days but he was put in for ten. The lights were on full beam 24 hours a day. Billy told me he came close to losing his mind in the cockroach infested cell with no toiletries and the aircon set to -10 degrees”.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International added “this is a form of torture and most certainly contravenes UN directives. We’ve received numerous reports over the years that interrogation rooms and cells have been turned into freezer boxes, with some prisoners even douched in ice cold water. This treatment is a violation of what Britain stands for and must be investigated. We can not very well have our allies treating our citizens in this manner, while we continue to allow them to market their country as a safe and modern destination for tourism and investment”.

“While the Foreign Minister has told us that the