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  • Detained in Dubai

British soldier is CLEARED after spending a year in UAE prisons on false drugs charges

As the #UAE desperately tries to spread their government sponsored propaganda, we highlight the case of Andy Neal, who was forced to confess. The #Dubai police alleged they had a witness against him but it was a police incentivised informant who later retracted his statement saying "wrong Andy". After a horrendous year in jail, separated from his family, the PTSD sufferer was finally exonerated. Is that justice though? There are no witnesses against Billy Hood. #FreeBillyHood #DetainedinDubai

  • He spent five months in a Dubai jail before being transferred to al-Sadr prison

  • Al-Sadr is a maximum security prison with tiny cells in neighbouring Abu Dhabi

  • Police had no evidence to convict Mr Neal and based their arrest on hearsay

"Campaign group Detained in Dubai, who worked to secure Andy's release, said the move was aimed at avoiding embarrassment over the botched investigation.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, said: 'His treatment by the UAE is disgraceful. Andy and his family's lives have been turned upside-down because the Dubai police and Public Prosecutor cannot admit that his arrest was a mistake from the beginning.