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Protestors head to Parliament Square for Billy Hood

Billy Hood case has outraged British citizens who are sick of the British government's lack of interest in citizens and their brazen promotion of the desert state.

Join Billy's friends and supporters today, calling on the British government to help Billy come home. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai has set up a petition to the UK government to increase travel warnings to the UAE based on ongoing and repeated unfair detentions, including Billy Hood and Albert Douglas who are currently detained in horrendous conditions.

Billy's best friend Alfie has organised a protest today, meeting at Trafalgar Square at 11:30 then walking to Parliament Square for 12:00 arrival.

We need to stop cases like Billy Hood and Albert Douglas happening again. Please sign our petition. We are asking the British government to review and increase travel warnings to British nationals. We don't think the Foreign Office sufficiently warns of the real dangers people face when visiting Dubai, even when they follow the letter of the law:

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