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Lawyers mount vigorous defence in Billy Hood appeal

High stakes court case to begin in Abu Dhabi tomorrow. UK Consular reps will be attending.

Appeal court to review evidence in Billy Hood case in Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

Billy Hood, a 24 year old footballer, is about to find out whether he is going to spend 25 years in a Dubai jail over CBD oil that his friend negligently left behind in Billy’s car.

Billy was sentenced to 25 years for possessing, selling and trafficking 4 small bottles of contraband CBD oil that was left in his car by a holidaying friend who Billy drove to the airport in January.

Ms Divya from Mohammad Al Najjar Advocates says, "We have visited Billy at Al Barsha Police station before his transfer to Al Aweer and he is in high spirits, hopeful for a successful appeal. Lawyer Mohammad Al Najjar will be appearing in Abu Dhabi to vigorously fight for Billy Hood's justice”.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International has reviewed the legal defence, “It is very clear from the evidence tha