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New Dubai Drug Laws for Billy Hood

MP calls for clemency in Billy Hood case in light of new drug laws

2021 saw the arrest of Peter Clark and Billy Hood. Peter was arrested for “possession” when his blood tests returned positive for hashish he had consumed in Las Vegas, long before his trip to Dubai. Peter was released following widespread criticism of the harsh laws of possession that essentially render them extraterritorial in nature.

Billy Hood was charged with trafficking, selling and possessing tiny bottles of CBD vape oil that were left in his car by a negligent visiting friend as Billy dropped him off at the airport. The facts are, the police had zero evidence of trafficking and their evidence of selling was that Billy had £2,000 in cash in his apartment, later proved to be payment from his wages as a sports coach. Billy’s blood tests all returned negative but he has remained in jail for a year, desperately trying to challenge courts to take his case seriously rather than assume guilt and hand over maximum sentences. Billy’s 25 year sentence has now been reduced to 10 years but Dubai’s new laws, even if they assumed his guilt, would have seen him “fined” or “deported”.

Billy’s family have been hoping that UAE authorities will intervene in Billy’s case and give him special consideration in light of the new laws. His mother Breda has asked the UK’s Ambassador to the UAE to convey her heartfelt plea to review her son’s case. “I am begging the UAE rulers to look at Billy’s case. If Billy had been arrested this year instead of last, he wouldn’t have spent any time in jail according to the new laws. Please give my boy back”.

Felicity Buchan, MP, has escalated Billy's case to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and the UK's Ambassador Patrick Moody, calling for intervention in his case.