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'Foreign Office Fails Brits Detained Abroad' Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe latest to criticise FCDO

Zaghari-Ratcliffe Case Highlights UK Diplomatic Influence Diminished in Middle East

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is the latest Brit to criticise Foreign Office for their incompetency and dwindling diplomatic influence in the Middle East. Her criticism comes after a stream of Brits complained about their arbitrary detention abroad.

Ms Ratcliffe said she did not agree she should be thanking the foreign secretary for her return after a long six years of detention in Iran’s notorious prison. This is the same sentiment that most Brits have shared upon their return home and it’s time the FCDO is held to account.

The first thing most foreign nationals do when they experience problems abroad is to contact their embassies. It is fair to say that people expect their countries’ diplomats to swoop in and protect them with all the weight of their governments behind them, particularly citizens of Western democracies. The experience of British nationals in the UAE could not be further from this expectation.

“You are actually on your own,” says Jamie Harron, a British citizen who was detained in the UAE 3 years ago after brushing past a man in a Dubai nig