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Dubai Expo, UAE influence puts Britons at risk

“The United Arab Emirates is going to be pumping roughly £11 billion into the UK over the next five years through the Sovereign Investment Partnership”, Radha Stirling explains, “That’s not charity, it is investment from which the UAE expects significant returns; the Emirates is buying a share in the UK’s infrastructure, technology, life sciences, and energy sectors, and we should have no illusions about what that means or about what perks the UAE is expecting as new co-owners of some of our most vital economic interests.”

Stirling is the CEO and founder of campaign group Detained in Dubai and Due Process International, both organisations that confront legal abuses in the UAE and around the world. “A disproportionate number of the cases we deal with involve British expats and investors defrauded, extorted, robbed, and abused by Emirati partners who view their enterprises as disposable resources and foreigners as powerless targets of exploitation,” she warns, “The UAE has a culture in which the rights of locals are unalienable but the rights of others are commodities that can be bought and sold. The deepening economic ties between the UK and the UAE should raise serious alarm bells for anyone concerned about the safety and human rights of British citizens, whether they are in the UAE or in Britain.”