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UAE General accused of torture now head of Interpol

Interpol has elected a new president, General Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi.

While the position is largely ceremonial, Al-Raisi’s election has raised serious concerns among legal experts and activists globally. Al-Raisi himself has faced allegations of “torture and barbarism”, specifically in connection to the wrongful detentions of British academic Matthew Hedges and Emirati democracy advocate Ahmed Mansour.

His candidacy was opposed within the organisation, in the European Parliament, and among US politicians. Along with China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Qatar, the UAE has been identified as a habitual abuser of the Interpol database and Red Notice system. Many view Al-Raisi’s election as a leap backwards for the organisation, likely influenced by the UAE’s significant contribution to Interpol’s funding; and the decision has further deteriorated the organisation’s reputation and legitimacy.