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  • Detained in Dubai

The King of Interpol Abuse

Handing out Interpol notices like his own personal business cards, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi is described as “The King of Interpol Abuse”. The ruler of a small northern region of the UAE, called Ras Al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud has had to find other means to bring in money to his oil-dry Emirate.

The Sheikh set his sights on foreign investors for development in the manufacturing, trade and tourism sectors, creating a free trade zone and offshore centre to lure in foreigners but, sadly, investment was a one way ticket for many trusting foreigners. Sheikh Saud has been a hands on commercial ruler, personally involved in the “business” of his Emirate and directly involved with the foreign nationals he called upon to build his visions.

The darker reality of this well marketed success story though, is that emirate is rife with corruption and foreign investors inevitably become prey. Customs officials have demanded large unlawful payments from businesses and failure to pay means jail, or worse. Families have been threatened if demands have not been met and people have lost their entire lives to a tyrannical rule of law that plagues the emirate.

The Sheikh has sought to extend his powers beyond his borders by using diplomatic and manipulative channels to extort funds from foreign nationals, and to exert pressure over them to gain their silence or their cooperation.

One of the Sheikh’s favourite tools is international crime organisation Interpol, who are headquartered in France, but who remain unaccountable, holding a kind of diplomatic immunity. The controversial reporting agency shares information between countries, notifying law enforcement that someone is wanted for arrest and extradition. No checks and balances exist and an autonomous ruler, like Sheikh Saud, can have an adversary listed on Interpol in a few minutes. The UAE is one of Interpol’s largest donors and along with Qatar, are using Interpol as an open cheque book, as a method to extort funds from victims in return for the deletion of an unlawful notice.

Swiss national and former head of RAKIA, Dr Khater Massaad, helped Sheikh Saud build the Emirate. In fact, he was appointed as his official advisor and helped bring in billions in foreign investment. Now, the ruler sees Massaad as a blank cheque and has issued an unevidenced judgment against him through his personal courts and listed him on Interpol, not once but three times! Sheikh Saud had wanted to prevent Massaad from returning to Switzerland and keep him in Saudi Arabia, where Saud thought he would gain diplomatic cooperation to seize funds. Saudi Arabia threw Sheikh Saud’s case out because of a lack of evidence. Interpo