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Scottish grandfather hostage in Dubai returns home

Malcolm David Faren, 63, from Dundee had been held as a debt hostage in Dubai.  After being penniless and homeless in the UAE, Detained in Dubai campaigned for his freedom and are please to announce his return.

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, is thrilled that debt hostage Malcolm Faren has finally made it home to be reunited with his family in time for Christmas. 

Detained in Dubai has secured the release of countless victims of the UAE's backwards financial laws including David Oliver and Morag Koussa. Stirling took up Malcolm's case in August and could not be more pleased to see him home.

Stirling issued a statement today:

“Malcolm's return to his family in the UK is a great victory, but his suffering highlights the urgent need for legal reform in Dubai.

“Dubai's advertising campaign in the UK fails to advise potential expats that their relocation to the country might be one way ticket.  If they run into any issues whatsoever, such as being made redundant, they will be treated as criminals.  They will be jailed, their passports confiscated and banned from leaving the country.  They will be stuck in limbo, unable to work, but unable to leave until they pay.  But how can they pay the demands when they are forbidden from working?

“It is this horrific situation that the rulers have allowed to continue with complete disregard for the wellbeing of thousands of expatriates who have faced this horrendous situation.  The British government needs to step up diplomatic efforts to protect nationals from this kind of abuse.  The UAE needs to know that the UK won't tolerate the arbitrary detention of its nationals who need to be advised that their working holiday in the UAE could turn into an indefinite stay.

“Malcolm, his friends and family are grateful to all those who helped bring him home, but the path to recovery after such an ordeal, takes time and had he remained silent, he would likely spend the rest of his life there.  This has to stop.”

Detained in Dubai covered Malcolm's story in their podcast Gulf in Justice


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