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Out of control Dubai drug crackdown leaves hapless “nice guy” restaurant manager facing 25yrs jail

Good natured and popular. Xola “trusted everyone”

Dubai appears to be making a huge effort to crackdown on what it sees as a drug problem in the emirate. Most visitors to Gulf countries are aware of the draconian punishments the region’s dictatorships mete out to offenders and Detained in Dubai has been fielding similar calls for almost thirteen years.

Over the last six months, the volume of drug related cases asking for help have increased by an alarming amount, and some of the cases give Gulf justice expert Radha Stirling cause for concern.

South African Xola Msomi is an educated, well spoken 31 year old who was working in Dubai to earn money for his 3 year old daughter’s future.

Popular Xola did not spend his money partying. He was focussed on sending money home and building himself a future. A fitness fanatic, he had no involvement with drugs but like most observant people, he was vaguely aware of shady characters who might be involved i