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UAE Interpol Abuse Increased, Not Ceased - Emirates Expanding Use of Interpol as Retaliatory Tactic

The UAE government is continuing to misuse Interpol as an instrument for debt collection, despite recent reports that they had ceased to do so. Debt issues, unless they involve instances of deliberate fraud, do not generally fall within Interpol's mandate, and the Emirates has been strongly criticised in the past for irresponsibly reporting debtors to the international policing agency in violation of protocol.

"We just received confirmation from a new client that he was put on Interpol for debt and it was only removed once he repaid the bank" says Radha Stirling, Director of Detained in Dubai ."It was for only approximately 100,000 AED”.

It has become a common practice for prominent Emiratis to file retaliatory criminal cases and to use Interpol against anyone who may initiate civil action is initiated against them.