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Tara Reade Interpol Red Notice

Statements from Tara Reade's representatives.

When Biden sexual assault accuser, Tara Reade, went to Russia to oversee the translation of her book for what was supposed to be a week long visit, she was warned by multiple credible sources, that she would likely be arrested on return to the US and was likely the subject of an Interpol Red Notice.

International crime reporting organisation, Interpol, has long been used by member countries for political persecution. The organisation activates Interpol Red Notices which are essentially requests to arrest persons without oversight of evidence. The organisation has long been criticised for misuse by authoritarian regimes as a means to harass, extort or cause the unfair detention abroad of political dissidents, activists and even credit card debtors.

“Given the recent warnings that Tara Reade may be subject to an Interpol Red Notice, we have initiated a communication to Interpol for disclosure of any requests against her”, explained crisis manager Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International and IPEX (Interpol & Extradition) Reform. “If there is a Notice against her, we hope that the US will take steps to have that Notice voluntarily deleted, now that it has been raised publicly. In the event she is not currently listed, we are lodging preventative documents with Interpol for added protection if the US considers listing her in the future.

Tara Reade has legitimate cause for concern and her legal team, including US attorney Dr Jonathan Levy, are investigating sealed grand jury proceedings in California that authorised the disclosure of her private communications and social media interactions.

Dr Levy said in a statement:

“In the coming days Ms. Reade and her international legal team will be initiating a proffer to Congress outlining her willingness to testify under oath regarding her sexual assault at the hands of President Biden, the ensuing cover up, her motivation for coming forward in the public interest, and the retaliation she has endured. Ms. Reade also seeks unsealing of Senatorial records that she states will affirm that her reports of sexual of abuse were timely reported and before being covered up.

“IMs. Reade is currently in Moscow. She will also explain to Congress why she has temporarily relocated and the credible fears of persecution that caused her to make that difficult decision.

“IMs. Reade’s legal team will also be initiating Freedom of Information Act requests and taking other measures to document her abuse, the cover up and subsequent retaliation.”

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