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  • Detained in Dubai

Paralysed British stroke victim “held hostage” in Dubai over business debt.

Paralysed stroke victim Malcolm needs 24 hour care for life. The UAE insists he pay the business debts then serve a 3 year jail term

71 year old British pensioner Malcolm Munroe has been hospitalised after suffering a stroke in 2013 that left him paralysed and bedridden, unable to move except for blinking. A string of personal and business misfortunes left him with debts he can never pay. Flaws in Dubai’s legal system mean that Malcolm is treated as a criminal and must be detained until his debts are paid and he completes a 3 year jail sentence. Incapacitated, Malcolm has no chance to pay those debts or survive the sentence.

Malcolm Munroe, from Chorlton in Manchester, moved to Dubai in 1983 to run a successful roofing and cladding company with several hundred employees.

Malcolm was the sole signatory of his company and so, after his stroke rendered him unable to function, the business eventually collapsed leaving Malcolm, under strict UAE law, criminally responsible.

In the UAE, both business and personal debts are considered criminal rather than civil and there no effective bankruptcy laws existed to protect the elderly businessman. The pressure also had a powerful effect on his wife’s health; After the stroke left Malcolm helpless and bedridden, his wife Olga was forced to return to the UK to have treatment for cancer. Neither she nor other family members dare to visit Malcolm