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Lee Bradley Brown jury verdict

Inquest into death of Lee Bradley Brown concluded today.

Lee Bradley Brown Inquest jury verdict - Death in Dubai Police Custody

After a 5 day Inquest into the death of Lee Bradley Brown at Bur Dubai Police Station, a jury has found that Lee most likely died from a combination of beatings, lack of food and water and lack of access to medical care. The jury also noted the additional factors of a lack of access to consular services, lack of clothing and Dubai police authorities neglect.

Outside the Coroners Court.

The Coroner will produce a report to the FCDO entitled Preventing Future Deaths. The FCDO has been heavily criticised by current and former inmates for their lack of care and diligence. Since Lee’s death, dozens have reported violence, beatings and torture by UAE authorities. Grandfather Albert Douglas was severely beaten and suffered broken bones and significant injuries. “It is imperative that we can be assured of our safety when visiting allied countries”, said Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai and a witness in the Inquest.

Stirling raised the fact that the FCDO’s travel advice conflicts with concerns from British courts. “I explained to the Coroners Court that British courts decline extradition requests on the basis of the ‘real risk of unfair trials, discrimination, human rights abuses and torture’. If the British courts believe citizens are at risk of human rights abuses and torture, the FCDO’s travel advice should reflect exactly that”.

Lee Bradley Brown died in 2011 and it has taken over a decade for his family to finally succeed in proving that he died as a direct result of and under the care of Dubai authorities. Several witnesses affirmed he was brutally killed by authorities at Bur Dubai police station. Authorities in Dubai promised to share the CCTV footage to “prove their innocence”, but this statement was later retracted and authorities refused to share the video with British officials.

“We are pleased to finally have a form of conclusion in the death of Lee Bradley Brown but without the cooperation of the Dubai police, the findings leave many questions unanswered. The UAE authorities do not appear to have learned any lessons. There have been no consequences for the Emirates and we continue to receive reports of abuse, violence and torture”, Stirling said in a statement. “Dubai authorities should release Albert Douglas, a British grandfather who has suffered horrific injuries from being beaten by prison guards. The trauma he has endured is unimaginable and especially at his age and frailty. Albert suffers from a heart condition and the head injuries sustained from his beatings require ongoing treatment. Given his abuse, Albert should be released and reunited with his family who worry every day that he will end up like Lee Bradley Brown”.


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