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British "facebook-horse" post prisoner in Dubai free to return home

Laleh Shahravesh, the British mum detained in Dubai over a years old Facebook post, finally looks set to be free.

After an emotional but anticlimactic court hearing this morning, in which the judge adjourned Laleh’s case until a later date, Detained in Dubai received the welcome news that the judge has ordered Laleh to pay a fine of AED 3,000, and that her passport should be returned. She is then free to return to the UK

At the time of writing, Laleh’s attorney has paid the fine, and procedures are underway to recover her passport. She should be home by early next week.

Laleh’s family is ecstatic. Daughter Paris is relieved, and all involved express their gratitude for the outpouring of public support.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai has issued the following statement:

“When cases like this are resolved either through the charges being dropped or through a governmental pardon, or the levelling of a light sentence after a concerted campaign in the international media, while the situation for the individual victim is over, the system that caused that victimisation remains in place, and abuse is inevitably going to occur again.