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Army friends rally support for Andy Neal as Dubai prosecutors claim decision on release will come Th

Army colleagues of Brit father of 2 wrongly imprisoned in Dubai rally to his support.

A 44 year old British family man, war hero and PTSD sufferer is trapped in jail in the UAE on charges of being a drugs kingpin, despite the prosecutors admitting there is no evidence against him. Police searches of his house, phone and bank accounts turned up nothing, and even a blood test showed him to be clean of any kind of drug residue. The case was based solely on the forced confession of a witness, which was later retracted with the witness saying that he had “never mentioned Andy”.

Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai who represents Andy confirms that prosecutors have advised Andy that a decision on his release will be reached Thursday. Stirling responded “I spoke with Andy by phone who is extremely hopeful and nervous. He’s been told a decision on his release would be made in the past but then nothing ever happened, but he is praying nonetheless. He has asked for the UAE and UK governments to intervene in what is clearly an injustice and in itself, a crime against Andy and his family. This kind of abuse simply has to stop”.

Andrew Neal, a former dog trainer for the British army and devoted father of 2 has had support from all over the world on social media, with many Brits questioning why anyone would visit Dubai anymore.

Now his colleagues from the army have also come forward with messages of support, unanimously confirming that Andy would never be involved in drugs, or anything else that wasn’t above board.

Corporal Richard Marshall served with Andy for 3 years in the Army Royal Veterinary Corps dog training unit in Stennelager, Germany. He knows Andy well and is convinced that he would never be involved with drugs. “Andy hated drugs. He had no time for them, and anything to do with drug culture. Andy was committed to his family, his friends and colleagues, and the dogs we trained.