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  • Shahid Bolsen

When the Dubai dream turns into a nightmare

So someone gets a good job in the UAE; high salary, benefits, and everything is going well. They take out a loan to further improve the quality of their life, and it's fine because their wages are enough to enable them to make your monthly payments. Great; they're living the Dubai Dream.But then, out of nowhere, they are fired from their job, maybe because of the economic downturn, maybe company strategy changed; whatever the case may be, they don't have to provide an explanation; they just show them the door. Before they even reach home, dazed and confused, carrying their belongings from the office in a cardboard box, their former employer has already contacted the bank to inform them of the lay-off. They get a call from the bank telling them that all the post-dated cheques they provided to cover the duration of loan instalments will be cashed in 7 days.

They are now unemployed, with bills to pay, their residency visa has probably been cancelled because they were sponsored by their former employer, and now they have to come up with perhaps hundreds of thousands of dirhams within a week. What do they do?If they are like most expats, they go to the airport, get on a plane, and go home as quickly as possible.

This scenario is more common than you might think, and in fact, it is happening more and more frequently. If someone has left the UAE to avoid being jailed over an outstanding loan, the UAE will pursue them. Debt Collection Agencies will find them and harass them, and they will probably be sued in the Emirates, tried and convicted in absentia, and their name will be reported to Interpol. Eventually, the UAE will likely request their extradition. Their initial loan will be compounded with interest, late fees, and any subsequent legal costs associated with the lawsuit.Detained in Dubai handles innumerable cases like this and the cases are increasing every day.

We provide debt negotiation, and can stop harassment from collection agencies immediately. We can indemnify you from being reported to Interpol, or liaise with Interpol to have Red Notices cancelled; and we can support you against extradition.However, it is imperative to handle these matters as quickly as possible, and for this reason we are launching the Proponence Membership Program so that expats and visitors to the UAE can have immediate access to our services as soon as any problems arise, because we know that the Dubai Dream can turn into a nightmare at any moment.

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