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Clearing legal or visa issues before returning to the UAE

As an expat, life sometimes requires us to return home without the time to tidy up all of the loose ends. At other times, a holiday back home can evolve into a long stay, often due to localised or family related issues. Leaving loose ends in the UAE can sometimes result in police cases, immigration or visa issues, especially reports of absconding if one's employer did not do the necessary paperwork.

In some circumstances, expats have made the deliberate decision to vacate the UAE in order to allow them to resolve legal issues from the safety of abroad, where they have no risk of imprisonment.

We receive regular enquiries from expats who have these exact concerns and now that they have resolved their hometown issues, they are ready to return to work and live in the UAE. We often resolve debt issues, absconding cases, civil disputes and criminal allegations. In many cases, a person has been sentenced in absentia and we work to resolve the matter and have the sentence eliminated.

Most such problems can be resolved from abroad and often it is more advantageous to do so from afar.

Before returning to the UAE, ex residents should conduct a status check to find out if there are any pending cases against them. This includes civil cases, criminal cases & immigration or visa issues. Once discovered, the cases can be resolved to allow free entry without the risk of arrest or imprisonment.

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