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Forced to celebrate Eid in police detention due to governmental staff holidays

Forced to celebrate Eid in police detention due to governmental staff holidays

Numerous unfortunate souls were forced to remain in detention due to government holidays and staff deficits. Many of these people were due to be released and were ready to pay fines and judgment orders but were unable to do so until the following Sunday.

Although detention facilities were in operation, key staff whose sign off was required, were not available to facilitate releases. The Courts were out of operation so civil judgments could not be paid. The government did not provide any alternative payment methods for inmates.

It is our belief that if the UAE government can maintain the operation of detention facilities, they are morally obliged to maintain release facilities. While we do understand that employees need holidays too, nobody should have to suffer in detention for longer than is absolutely necessary, especially during the Eid festivals. The UAE government could have offered additional compensation to employees who volunteer (and would be happy) to work throughout this period and given them the following week as holidays instead.

It is wholly unacceptable to deny prisoners their freedom, when it is due to them.

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