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  • Detained in Dubai

Road Rage Victim Falsely Accused of Abusive Behaviour

What happens in a legal system where a complaint made by an individual without evidence, is taken to Court by Prosecutors? The result of a system that relies on complainants being honest, is unpredictable and strange behaviour amongst the population. Such behaviour is the result of a legal system that does not protect the rights of individuals. The consequences of a clumsily created evidence law, penetrates all facets of law and day to day living.

An example of such behaviour in relation to traffic issues in the UAE has been recently brought to our attention when a Danish man and former law enforcement professional "JG", was living in Dubai when he experienced what is not at all uncommon.

JG had been driving on a motorway, when a large vehicle, driven by an Emirati man, began dangerously tailgating JG. JG was unable to move out of the way because he was blocked in by other vehicles. He motioned to the Emirati man to back up in a polite way. However, when JG was able to move out of the way and to the next lane, the Emirati man tried to hit JG with his car. Fortunately, JG was able to avoid the two attempts that had been made to "side swipe" him.

The Emirati man sped off into the distance but was later caught in traffic on route to Dubai. JG was able to take a photogra