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Court of Appeal rules in Matt Joyce's Favour

Australian Courts Find Sunland Corporation mislead UAE Courtroom, leaving two businessmen Marcus Lee and Matt Jones stuck in Dubai under house arrest for three years so far, with a pending judgement and sentencing this month.

The UAE has been under the spotlight recently for judicial failings, in particular the imprisonment of British entrepreneurs Safi Qarash, Peter Margetts and Belgian Olivier Loeb, imprisoned for bounced cheques. American Zack Shahin has been held without charge for 4 years so far, breaching standard human rights agreements. These four men, amongst many others have been on hunger strike to protest against the lack of due process.

Meanwhile, Australian property developers Matt Joyce and Marcus Lee have been on bail but trapped in the UAE pending allegations of fraud, now proven false in the Australian Supreme Court.

Sunland Waterfront (BVI) and Others v. Prudentia Investments Pty Ltd and Others



“Today the Supreme Court of Victoria made findings of fact that Sunland Group Ltd has repeatedly misled the ASX and the Dubai Prosecutor.” said Detained in Dubai founder Radha Stirling.”

“Today‟s judgment proves what is widely known in United Arab Emirates business circles; that Matthew Joyce, Marcus Lee and their co-accused are completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and are the victims of a series of misrepresentations to the Dubai authorities by Sunland and its senior officers.”

“Today‟s referral of Sunland to ASIC by Justice Croft comes some five months after Detained in Dubai made a similar formal referral to ASIC on this matter. ASIC now has only 9 days to bring their report down and pass it on to Dubai authorities before judgment is handed down in the criminal trial.”