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UAE bid for Interpol Presidency: Statement from Expert Radha Stirling on Al Raisi

Interpol and UAE both under fire for corrupt practices and human rights abuses. Interpol, extradition and UAE expert, Radha Stirling issued a statement today:

UAE Interpol & Extradition expert, Radha Stirling hits back at "corrupt" Interpol for considering human rights abusing President.

“It’s astonishing that the UAE’s Major General Ahmed Naser Al Raisi has made a bid for the Presidency of Interpol, given that they are one of the most prolific abusers of their membership. It was in fact, the UAE, that introduced me to ‘Interpol Abuse’ and as I write this, I have just completed yet another red notice removal petition. Over the past decade, I have seen first hand, the consequences for victims of the Emirates’ ongoing abuse. I have seen lives ruined, families torn apart, victims locked up in devastating third world conditions, reputations damaged, life savings lost and severe PTSD.

“Every time Interpol deletes a red notice for my clients, they are made aware that the notice should never have been issued in the first place but there have been no consequences for the UAE. The lack of accountability has clearly emboldened the UAE to further violate their membership rules and continue to report victims to Interpol without due process.