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  • Detained in Dubai

Prominent Emirati tycoon Khalaf Al Habtoor named defendant in US court action involving death threat

Outspoken Khalaf Al Habtoor calling for boycotts of companies against Khashoggi killing

Khalaf Al Habtoor, a household name in Dubai, is lesser known in the US despite having teamed up with the Hilton Group in the States and internationally. Not a stranger to scandal, last year, Al Habtoor attracted criticism for his immediate and outspoken defense of Saudi Arabia in the wake of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, having published several video rants on twitter, and calling for a boycott of companies that distanced themselves from Saudi Arabia. Had his comments whitewashing state-sponsored assassination reached potential customers of Al Habtoor’s President Abraham Lincoln Springfield hotel in Illinois, he may have faced a boycott of his own.

But Al Habtoor’s views on political violence are not the only reason for unease.