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Billy Hood BEATEN by UAE prison guards during Prince William “official” visit

Billy Hood beaten after lawyers tell family, his appeal to overturn a 10 year sentence has been denied.

Billy Hood BEATEN by UAE prison guards during Prince William “official” visit

During an official diplomatic visit between Prince William and UAE diplomats to discuss “sustainability”, Emirati authorities violently attacked British national Billy Hood, who was sentenced to ten years in prison for “unintentionally possessing” the CBD vape oil, accidentally left in his car by a visiting friend. The beating comes after his lawyers advised that his appeal to overturn his 10 year sentence was denied. Billy’s family are distraught!

Last week, the UK government escalated concerns respecting the beating and torture of British grandfather, Albert Douglas, who suffered broken bones and requires multiple surgeries from his injuries. The message does not appear to be sinking in.

Billy Hood was isolated in a tiny cell that could fit only a mattress. After several days, he hit the wall in frustration. In a shocking display, four prison guards opened his cell and repeatedly beat him, causing him to bleed. The young football coach was previously beaten and tasered and forced to confess. Despite raising this with the FCDO, he is still being beaten and subjected to human rights violations. What does this say about UK-UAE rela