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Dubai Police “Human Rights Captain” Meets Albert Douglas

Wrongfully detained, beaten and tortured, the British grandfather just wants to come home.

“Nobody in the prison has ever heard of Dubai Police having a human rights captain so this must be a new thing”, reported Albert Douglas in a telephone call to his son, Wolfgang Douglas. The British grandfather was beaten to the point of disability and broken bones by prison guards after being detained over a bounced cheque he did not write.

“Captain Mansour brought me to a luxurious meeting room within the prison, probably the same area where they meet foreign inspectors and diplomats, he spoke to me for an hour. This is after I’ve already been deposed by Dubai government officials and transferred to Abu Dhabi to be deposed again. I’ve been assessed by medical professionals, my broken bones examined, but nothing has happened.

“I told Captain Mansour I wanted to be sent back to the UK where I can have required surgeries and medical care while I am supported by my family, that they had lost the right to care for me”.

Wolfgang explained that Dubai