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MY PRISON HELL I’m trapped in hellhole Dubai jail for crime I didn’t commit

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

AN INNOCENT British grandad has revealed the horrors from inside a hellhole prison in the UAE where he is trapped for a crime he claims he didn't commit.

Speaking from his cell in Dubai Central Prison, the 60-year-old Albert Douglas disclosed to The Sun Online how prisoners are raped, tortured and even starved by the cruel guards.

Albert, originally from London, was detained earlier this year over a bounced cheque that he claims he did not write.

And even though forensic tests proved the cheque was not his, the expat tycoon was hit by a string of other trumped-up charges.

The grandad was initially sentenced to two years in prison but now faces another three years in the hellhole jail over the same "fraudulent" cheque.

Dubai's prisons have been at the centre of controversy over the past number of years due to the horrific conditions prisoners are reported to have faced.