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Women stuck in Dubai over WhatsApp "frightened to death"

Woman’s facing a chaotic Middle Eastern legal system says she has “no idea what is going on, what is coming next, and how long it could take”.

A young woman’s plans to reunite with her family in England came to an abrupt halt, when police wouldn’t let her board a plane. She’d shipped all of her belongings home, after living in Dubai for two years, and was ready for her new life, before being told she couldn’t leave because of a rude WhatsApp message sent to her Ukrainian flatmate.

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, who is representing the woman, issued a statement today:

“This is a terrifying situation for anyone to face. She had to attend several different police stations, where staff have limited English and communication is difficult. Every officer seemed to have a different take on what would happen to her, how long it would take and if she’d be allowed to go. Most people find this experience traumatising.