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Will new peace deals help Miami woman detained in Dubai?

Miami accountant, Danielle Jeffries, 58, had hoped she’d be home this Christmas to see her 93 year old mother who had just survived coronavirus, but she remains stuck in the United Arab Emirates. Danielle is the latest American to face the Dubai justice system where she’s been sentenced to jail, a hefty fine and deportation for petty crimes she didn’t commit.

But with the newly agreed Israel - UAE peace deals, Danielle hopes the US government will finally intervene in her case.

“The UAE is one of the USA's strongest allies in the Middle East and even more so, with the new Abraham Accord”, said Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai who is representing Ms Jeffries, “The US has previously assisted Americans who faced some unbelievable situations in Dubai, managing to have them returned home. With the new peace deals, relations between the countries are stronger than ever, and Danielle hopes this may lead to a diplomatic resolution to what has been a real life nightmare.

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“The unanswered question is whether the peace deals will improve human rights in the region or encourage nations to turn a blind eye to violations”.</